WWF Fight for Nature

The Challenge.

The UK is one of the most nature depleted countries in the world with more than one in seven native species facing extinction, the time is now to take action before it’s too late.




United Kingdom 

The Delivery.

Our ‘Nature Phonebox’ took a quintessentially British symbol and re-imagined it as an oasis of nature in busy cities. Made from sustainable materials and UK native plants, the eco-friendly telephone booth travelled around the country supported by WWF volunteers. Visiting five sites (Brighton, Birmingham, Leeds, Manchester and London) culminating in Westminster at the mass lobby for climate change.

Ta da.

The ROI figures speak for themselves: 

  • 5 city tour.
  • 544 messages (70% from the experiential tour).
  • 18 hours of voicemails.
  • 270,000 instagram impressions.
  • 15,310,900 readership and press impressions.

We teamed up with Undercurrent to create this British telephone box to bring nature back to cities everywhere, so we can inspire the public to demand action.

Barbara Cornejo Sensic
Campaign Manager, WWF UK

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