Vodafone Samsung Bus tour

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The Challenge.

We needed to spread the word about Samsung and Vodafone’s summer offers to as many people as possible over the summer. But how do you cover the entire UK in 8 weeks? The Samsung Bus was born…


United Kingdom


Mobile & Telco, Retail


We created the Samsung Vodafone Bus which could be re-purposed to promote each new offer from Vodafone as well as show off Samsung’s devices. The Bus was a mobile billboard as it moved between locations on its UK tour.

Ta da.

The Samsung Vodafone Bus was a fantastic success. It fulfilled its brief by generating uplift in Samsung/Vodafone sales in locations visited and ensuring full integration between manufacturer and network. With over 2,000 miles, 22 locations and 40,000-plus customer interactions in 7 weeks, the campaign produced a simple yet versatile space at the heart of the required demographic.

From pitch through to delivering results, Undercurrent have been bang on what we required. We are looking forward to creating the tour well in to 2015

Channel marketing manager

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