Samsung S8 and S8+ Roadshow

The Challenge.

We were challenged to engage and win over the hearts and minds of call centre sales agents working at 12 network channels. Call centres account for up to 50% of devices sales so this campaign was crucial to the success of the S8 launch in the UK.




United Kingdom


Internal Comms, Mobile & Telco


We created a roadshow that would appeal to call centre agents' sense of fun and also allow them to get hands on experience with the S8, dividing the stand into distinct areas that would take visitors on a journey and moving from interactive areas to targeted training within the experience.

Ta Da.

Our roadshow creative has been widely praised as an immersive experience that ‘didn’t feel like training’

... but still gave agents the ability to talk about the device to consumers in a relatable way.

Importantly, we turned agents into creators and advocates using their content to spread the message about the S8 launch beyond the training experience. 

- 63 Live Days across 4 Countries

- 8294 Advisors Engaged

- 76% Advisor Engagement in the UK

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