Huggies a Bundle of Laughs.

The challenge.

Huggies asked us to generate content for their new comedy-led campaign. Touring 4 venues, we generated over 120 film soundbites. See how we did it...


United Kingdom


FMCG, Healthcare, Retail


We carried out initial research in order to focus on the best locations for the demographic required. Having identified the correct areas, we then contacted and negotiated rates with the venues.

Ta da.

Visiting 4 shopping centres in 6 days, the team generated over 120 1min vox pops with pregnant/new mums. The hilarious stories will now be used to create the one off comedy gig. Little Bundles of Laughs? Job done!

The client was really happy with the pod. All is going well and we have a couple of very amusing tales!

Vicky Potter
Senior Account Executive, Biss Lancaster

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