Our Top 5 Summer Activation Areas

With the final lifting of lockdown in June rapidly approaching, we take a look at our top 5 places for brands to activate this summer.


With the continuing uncertainties around Covid, brands should look outside of traditional activation areas to help connect with consumers. recently reported a near 300% increase in enquires for this year compared to last. UK hotel and cottage bookings have also seen huge rises. As a result, holiday towns in places like Cornwall, Devon and Cumbria this summer can expect to have heavy footfall with receptive consumers.


As we have reported recently, brands should focus on the local in their activations currently. With UK footfall declines starting to reverse, consumers have a greater appreciation of their local areas and are increasingly expecting brands to engage with them where it is convenient and suits their needs and desires.

Localised experiences and pop-up hubs that appeal to specific, targeted consumers in their environment should be at the forefront of brands’ strategy.


With another summer of travel set to be disrupted by Covid, we can expect to see parks busier than usual, particularly in the peak months. Savvy brands will be looking at how to connect with consumers in these public spaces and adding to their experiences through experiential.

From large scale sampling campaigns and stunts to smaller, more intimate activations, brands can be highly targeted in their approach and appeal to several demographics around the UK.


Building on a localised approach, Appear Here’s Gaston Tourn in the Drum believes there will be a bounce in local ‘neighbourhood’ activations from advertisers, stating “brands are increasingly renting storefronts next to places where people work, eat and seek entertainment.”

Therefore, an experiential activation in a temporary space, close to a target consumer community and supported by digital, could help ease brands and the public back into interacting.


The coming months will reward brands that are mobile and agile in their experiential.

In conclusion, a mobile tour, visiting several locations, will allow for maximum interaction with consumers who have been starved of such, whilst simultaneously allowing for tailored and localised approaches.