Down Under Post Lockdown

As Australia and New Zealand start to experience life post- lockdown we take look how local marketers are engaging with consumers.



With some key restrictions starting to lift next month thoughts turn to life post lockdown. Whilst the UK is working through the first stages, there are some countries that are now out of lockdown and experiencing life in this new world.

Brands and marketers are eager to understand how consumers will behave post-lockdown, and these emerging countries make an interesting case study. This week we take a look at our friends down-under- Australia and New Zealand.

A recent study by agency Special Group shows that kiwis will take some time to slip back into ‘normal’ life, 67% of survey respondents said they’re struggling to know how to greet people post-lockdown! On the positive side of things the same report shows that despite the convenience of international retailers offering next day delivery, 83% of New Zealanders are making more of an effort to buy local.

In both Australia and New Zealand there are some key trends emerging- taking it slow, staying local and supporting small businesses.


Pub and restaurant reopening’s signify a big moment for countries as they move out of lockdown. In Australia and New Zealand marketers are finding unique ways to entice people back to their businesses.

Carlton & United Breweries has launched ‘The Pub Reopening Ceremony’, a nationwide 3-week pub crawl that will travel across the country to celebrate pubs as they re-open. A custom-made ‘Tap Torch’ will be carried by influencers and brand ambassadors to promote the events.

A small design studio in Christchurch has taken a more grassroots approach- the ‘YEAH! LOCAL’ campaign inspires Kiwis to celebrate and promote the small business owners in their neighbourhoods.  Kiwis are being asked to download free posters and display them in their communities. They’re also encouraged to share a photo or video at one of their favourite local businesses to tell New Zealand why it’s so great.


With large crowds still daunting for some, drive in experiences allow customers to enjoy live entertainment from the safety of their own cars.

Indie band ‘Hockey Dad’ are running a series of ‘Alive at the drive in’ zombie themed concerts Wollongong’s Bulli Showground, which has a capacity for only 400 cars with tickets being purchased per vehicle. Happening later this month both shows are already sold out.

A new event concept live in July is ‘The Parking Lot Social.’ Offering a range of different experiences that you can enjoy from your car. Experiences include film screenings, live bands, car-a-oke, silent discos and bingo!

The drive in concept is also due to hit the UK this summer with Live Nation and Secret Cinema announcing their own drive in events.


In New Zealand, campaigns are encouraging people to get out and explore their own country.

‘Zoom to Ruapehu’ celebrates the end of lockdown. The tactical campaign reflects the feeling of the nation, by transporting people from the confines of their Zoom meetings, out into nature. It features fly fishing, cycling on the famous Timber Trail, hiking and enjoying surrounding townships.

A favourite of ours is a quirky campaign by South Island city Dunedin. ‘Dunedin- A pretty good Plan D’ humorously pits Dunedin against famous world travel destinations. Egypt’s pyramids? Sorted. Dunedin has its own version — two small volcanic-formed hills. Bali’s beaches? Relax— Dunedin is covered in beaches, just bring a wetsuit. And Edinburgh? Dunedin’s Lanarch Castle is close enough.

Consumers down-under emerge from lockdown keen to support their local economy but cautious when taking their first steps back into the community.

Marketers have taken on the role of guide and cheerleader to encourage people to get back out there in safe and controlled ways. Events that are adapting to enable social distancing are seeing sell-out dates.

Shopping local and staying close to home has inspired a renewed love for consumers’ countries and communities. Brands that can communicate this spirit and highlight their local credentials will come out on top.