Forest Den

An immersive forest den located in the heart of the city. Commuters could step inside, take a breath, and have 2 minutes of relaxing to the sound of the forests. Designed to highlight the importance of conserving the world’s forests and their strong connection to our wellness, the WWF Forest Den stood as a moment of calm in one of London’s busiest rail stations.


To promote their forest conservation message without the use of hard campaigning.
A Fully sustainable build.


The concept was to create a space that consumers can step inside and be transported to a place of calm.

A Forest den and social media frame were created and adorned with living plants, designed to stand out from the background of one of London’s busiest rail stations, Waterloo.

Reinforcing the WWF campaign driving awareness of the importance of the world’s forests and their conservation, the forest den involves stepping away from the hustle and bustle of Waterloo Station and into a darkened room with a night scene on the walls around you, back lit to highlight the stars in the sky. Inside was an armchair where people could sit and listen to a soundscape of the forests at night.

To drive the message a small reading plays over the soundscape about the importance of our forests before fading out and leaving the consumer with just the sounds of a forest.


Over 250 people took the time to sit inside the den and experience.



Event staffing
Experiential stand
Social content

“Thank you so much for all the amazing work, the support from beginning to end of this project has been incredible and it was amazing to see it all come to life.”


Fight for Nature