Google at Currys Peak Conference

Google Pixel

Currys Peak Conference attracts some of the biggest mobile and tech brands in the world to display their latest products. Google challenged us to stand out from the crowd and create the most immersive, eye-catching, best-in-show stand at the event.


We had to stand out from all other technology retailers by bringing Google fun to the forefront of our strategy, whilst maintaining a focus on the new Pixel 7, Pixel 7 Pro and Google Pixel Watch.


The attendees have limited time to interact with brands at the conference. We wanted to create several ‘wow’ moments and highlight key device features in an immersive and fun way.


We created the Pixel Playground! Themed around a fabulous funfair, we created a delegate journey that showcased the features of the device utilising all the sights and fun of a travelling carnival.

Guests were initially greeted with our ‘Macro Focus’ stand where they used the new feature on the Google Pixel 7 to zoom in on particular textural element of a cuddly toy.

The second section they came across focused on the ‘Super Res Zoom’ feature of the device where delegates had to use the zoom feature to identify hidden words in a specially created visual scene.

Thirdly, we set up two ‘Pixel Pedal’ exercise bikes that could be raced against each other, utilising the Google Pixel watch to monitor heartrate and track delegate progress. We also included handcycles for those less abled.

The centrepiece of the whole attraction was our Cinematic Slide, a huge 10 metre Helter Skelter that delegates whizzed down, focusing on the Pixel 7 Pro’s amazing Cinematic Blur function!


222 Delegate Interactions
99%NPS Score
304 Giveaways


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“Thank you so much everyone for supporting on Peak, the feedback internally has been absolutely phenomenal so a HUGE thank you to everyone who supported on the event, we literally couldn’t do it without you guys!”


Ciara McQuillan Bridson
Associate Product Marketing Manager (Devices and Services), GOOGLE UK