My Block Skin X NFL

Battersea Power Station

The beginning of a partnership with the NFL. Consumers attended the NFL Experience London at Battersea Power Station. My Block Skin had the opportunity at this immersive experience to showcase their product to highlight the importance of sunscreen skincare for Black people and other people of colour especially the male demographic.


To create knowledge and understanding of sunscreen care and the importance that it should have in in people’s daily routines. Gaining new followers in the UK for a Black owned sunscreen brand.


Knowing that a large percentage of the fan base of the NFL and it’s players are mostly male and of African American/Black descent. Acknowledging this fact to help gain partnership with the NFL to become their official sunscreen partner as it is just as important for those with darker skin to wear sunscreen.


The concept was to have an area within the NFL London Experience which was both fun and educational where consumers could try out the product, learn about My Block Skin as a brand and get to know when, where and how sunscreen should fit into their daily lives. They were also able to play the score-to-win game, which involved guests throwing an American football through various sized openings with chances to win some merch including eye blacks, t-shirts and miniature American footballs.

Navigating the awareness of sunscreen within an event like the NFL London Experience was an amazing opportunity to talk to a wide variety of people from different backgrounds.


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