HP OMEN had a great opportunity at one of the UK’s biggest gaming events to showcase their gaming computer range and get people hands on with their gaming devices. A lot of people were interested in partaking in the OMEN quest, winning prizes and learning more about what OMEN have to offer in the gaming world


To create more awareness about HP’s gaming range of computers and equipment-OMEN. People are not largely aware that HP have a whole range/system dedicated to gaming only.


As EGX is big gaming convention that happens yearly in the UK, using this as an opportunity to showcase the gaming range OMEN. Everyone at EGX would be a gamer or know a gamer in some capacity which is why it was a very subtle location where they key, and target demographic would be exposed to OMEN.


The concept was to have a quest which was dotted around within the EGX convention which was both fun and interactive. Guests were invited to sign up at the OMEN front desk where they’d leave their details, they’d then be given a floppy disk to begin and complete their quest journey. The quest consisted of 4 different booths around the convention that each had different experiences/games to complete. For every completed task guests would receive a tick mark on their floppy disk. Once the floppy disk was totally complete the guests would come back and play Hook A Duck to be in with a chance of winning a prize. Prizes ranged from Omen branded tote bags and t-shirts to Hyper X headphones, key caps, mice, and guests were also able to win game passes.

Showcasing the OMEN range and interacting with different gamers was a great experience as the crowd was very hands on and eager to join in on the OMEN quest.


Gaining more acknowledgement of the gaming brand and increasing social media followers.


Event Staffing
Experiential Booths/Welcome Desk
Hook A Duck Game