Covent Garden Launch

Shake Shack

We’re proud to have worked on the launch of the first Shake Shack restaurant in the UK. Our comprehensive campaign created a buzz pre-launch and culminated in the Housewarming Party for 350 restaurant industry heavyweights.


Launching a ‘fast casual’ dining restaurant in a crowded London burger market. Bringing to life what makes Shake Shack different and appealing to the local market.


Due to its prominence in global tourist locations Shake Shack already had a high brand awareness in London.


We created a 360⁰ campaign that teased Shake Shack’s arrival, announced the news and then celebrated the launch. Using localised London icons we covered the surrounding streets in clean graffiti, guerrilla projections, then threw a launch party that celebrated the mix of UK and American culture. Shutting down a section of the Covent Garden Piazza with a section of the Covent Garden Piazza with bands The Crookes and Young Kato.


55 live days completed across four countries and 9 teclo channels. 98% of advisors scored top marks in a knowledge retention quiz.

“The housewarming party exceeded our wildest expectations. Most importantly it felt very Shake Shack. Great crowd, rocking bands, and sharp décor, it was all spot on and smartly executed.”